WEEK SEVEN&EIGHT——add dashboard

These two weeks the progress is Adding dashboard. First do improvement for PercentageCircleView, enable different percentage displayed by different color, adding the function that get Storage Domain data and save it into the local database, also enable to display the state of CPU,Memory, Storage on dashboard, and make dashboard display in different ways on phone and PC. As followed:



At the very beginning, I used the time setter to synchronize data, with the help of Tomas, and read the content provider of android, and the code, get understand of how movirt do the data synchronize, and then finally using listen on changes in the DB to update dashboard display.

WEEK FIVE&SIX——Enriching the VM general view and begin to add dashboard

These two weeks I am working for Enriching the VM general view and begin to add dashboard.

First I got familiar with android’s Loaders, learning related API about Loaders, also get familiar with Loaders asynchronously load data in an activity or fragment. Get to know how to self define view in android and how to use canvas in self defined view.

With these base knowledge, I add the function of getting data from data center and save in local database, also enlarge data page of Cluster, host, adding data fragment display for VM general view, including Cluster,Data Center, Host as followed:


Also these two weeks, I begin to add dashboard for movirt, and search some open source lib of dashboard and chart in GitHub, realize CircleProgressView as followed:

图片7However, at the moment, there is no animation effect while CircleProgressView display the progress, so this is the next task. After finished the CircleProgressView, next will to realize dashboard fragment.