Get Started–First Week

It has been two weeks since the project begin, these two weeks I mainly get familiar with the relevant knowledge about this project.

First getting familiar with the process that movirt getting data from the server and save the data in local database. Also I restudy SQL and relevant API about Android operation system’s sqlite database.

For the code part, showed as the following picture:
1.Add activate and maintenance actions for host details activity:

图片12.Optimized actions display for vm and host details activity
(1)while vm in the down state,menu only display run action,as followed:



(2)while vm in up state,menu display stop, reboot and console action, as followed:



(3)while host in up state,menu only display maintenance action, as followed:


(4) while host in maintenance state,menu only display run action, as followed:



As this week I’ve back to China and waste few days in travel, and the following part is unfinished as planed:
Enrich the VM general view by some data, at least:
– cluster (with version) / datacenter on which this VM is
– If the VM is running than the Host on which it is running

To make up the delay, next week I will word harder to make the progress as planed.


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